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Rent Program

One of the benefits of   is called the RENT PROGRAM which allows eligible residents to increase their income from work with no increase in their monthly rent.

If you’re a resident from one of these two developments and you increase your income either through a higher pay rate or working more hours, or increase your income by getting a new job or an additional job, you will NOT experience a rent increase.

See the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about the RENT PROGRAM.

Job Training and Placement

 offers FREE, hands-on training in Carpentry, Maintenance, Culinary Arts, Retail, Information Technology, Healthcare – and the list of occupation training programs is growing.  Our training partners offer classes and certifications for entry-level through mid-career jobs.

We also work with residents to help them find and apply for good-paying jobs.

Attend an orientation (link to the “Get Started” page) to learn more about job training and placement opportunities.

Education and Family Supports

Barriers such as a lack of reliable transportation, affordable childcare, high school diploma, or quality health care can get in the way finding and keeping a job.    staff can help you overcome these barriers.

Services that we offer FREE and on-site to Jobs Plus participants include:

  • GED instruction (in English and in Spanish)
  • ESL
  • Child care
  • Before and after school programs
  • Counseling to help families with mental health challenges, substance abuse, and other life stressors
  • Financial coaching and credit counseling

Attend an orientation (link to the “Get Started” page) to learn more about these opportunities.

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